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Characteristics of a High-Quality Sunscreen

Jacket High-Quality Sunscreen For MenListed here are some of the characteristics of a high-quality sunscreen so you can easily pick the best one, JACKET!

More and more people are recognizing the importance of using sunscreens and sunblocks whenever they have to stay longer than usual under the sun. Only the best sunscreens can help provide the protection that everyone needs for their skin. Unfortunately, picking the right product can be tricky since the market is often flooded with so many mediocre products.

Broad Spectrum UV Protection Is Critical For a High-Quality Sunscreen

One of the most important characteristics of a high-quality sunscreen is its spectrum of UV protection. In the past, folks thought that one only needs to be protected against UVB light since it’s the kind of radiation that causes sunburn. However, science has already shown that even the more common and more abundant UVA light should never be taken lightly. While UVA doesn’t damage the DNA of skin cells directly, it does cause a variety of irreversible changes in the DNA of skin cells that can lead to errors in its replication. Because there is fault in the way DNA is replicated, cancer is most likely to develop. As such, getting a sunscreen with UV protection capabilities against both UVA and UVB is a must. This can only be achieved with an SPF rating of at least 30.

Anti-Aging Properties

It’s not really enough that you shield your skin against UVA and UVB. It is equally important that you care for your skin’s individual cells. Instead of getting another product to nourish your skin, why not just get a sunscreen that doesn’t only protect your skin but nourishes it, too? This is why one of the characteristics of a high-quality sunscreen is its unique formulation that includes antioxidants and other nutrients that can help improve the overall health of the skin. This way you can really optimize the product you’re putting on your skin.

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A sunscreen is only effective insofar as it is present on the surface of the skin. Sadly, it is never permanent and can be easily washed off by water. Some may not necessarily be washed off, but their contact with water or moisture can reduce their effectiveness. A good sunscreen should have at the very least good water-resistance. This is to help extend its UV protection for as long as possible before requiring another application.

Made of Safe and Natural Ingredients

Synthetic ingredients are very effective since they are especially formulated to deliver the kind of result that their creators expect from them. Sadly, synthetics often come with a host of side effects that can be the cause of other worries. As such it is better to go for something more natural. While you may think that natural ingredients are not as effective as synthetics, it is not necessarily so. As long as the ingredients are carefully selected to have been clinically proven effective in protecting and nourishing the skin, then these have all the right to be included in the best sunscreen.

It’s not easy to find a product that has all these characteristics of a high-quality sunscreen.

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