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Industry, Jacket News, Product, Skin Care, Sun Protection / 3.29.18

Best SPF50+ Sport Sunscreen 2018

Finding the perfect SPF50+ sport sunscreen in 2018 that is tailored for men can prove to be a difficult search.  Men sweat more, and with vacations under the hot sun come increased perspiration, especially if extra movement is involved from things like beach volleyball or Frisbee. Of course, you don’t want to miss out on […]

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Jacket high protection sunscreen

Industry, Sun Protection / 3.26.18

What You Need to Know about High Protection Sunscreen

Too much exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer. This is the simplest fact people know about skin protection. Because of this, people seek refuge with a high protection sunscreen that has a higher SPF. However, there are already a lot of misconceptions about how SPF works and whether or not sunscreens become […]

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stop skin cancer with Jacket Sunscreen

Industry, Jacket News, Product, Skin Care, Sun Protection / 3.17.18

The Troubling Rise in Skin Cancer Cases

Cases of melanoma have been rising in the past years. In 2009, it was estimated that about one out of 58 people will develop skin cancer during their lifetime. In 2016, the numbers went up to one in 54. In the same year, about 76,380 people were estimated to have been diagnosed with the disease. […]

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Sunscreen Myths

Jacket News, Skin Care, Sun Protection / 3.1.18

Sunscreen Myths That You Should Stop Believing

Misconceptions and myths about the effectiveness of sunscreen can be a factor in rising rates of skin cancer. The fact is, sunscreen is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to avoid a more expensive and difficult case of melanoma, which also happens to be the deadliest form of skin cancer. Here are some sunscreen […]

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beach-sunshine harmful UVB rays

Jacket News, Skin Care, Sun Protection / 2.2.18

The Difference Between UVA, UVB and Other Suns Rays

Different Types of Sun Rays and Their Dangers: UVA, UVB, and UVC The Sun provides sunlight to Planet Earth, which is an essential resource for all living beings. This resource provides heat, light, and Vitamin D. The rays of our large orange star in the center of the solar system also give off a type […]

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young skin vs old

Jacket News, Skin Care, Sun Protection / 1.26.18

How Sunscreen Keeps You Younger Looking

If you ever needed another reason to start a daily sunscreen regimen, you would be happy to know that it can do much more than just protect you from the deadly rays of the sun and from developing skin cancer. A new scientific study actually states that regular sunscreen application leads to a 24% decrease […]

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