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beach-sunshine harmful UVB rays

Jacket News, Skin Care, Sun Protection / 2.2.18

The Difference Between UVA, UVB and Other Suns Rays

Different Types of Sun Rays and Their Dangers: UVA, UVB, and UVC The Sun provides sunlight to Planet Earth, which is an essential resource for all living beings. This resource provides heat, light, and Vitamin D. The rays of our large orange star in the center of the solar system also give off a type […]

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young skin vs old

Jacket News, Skin Care, Sun Protection / 1.26.18

How Sunscreen Keeps You Younger Looking

If you ever needed another reason to start a daily sunscreen regimen, you would be happy to know that it can do much more than just protect you from the deadly rays of the sun and from developing skin cancer. A new scientific study actually states that regular sunscreen application leads to a 24% decrease […]

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Jacket important Sunscreen

Jacket News, Skin Care, Sun Protection / 1.18.18

Why Is Applying Sunscreen Important?

In the western societies, having tan skin is something desirable and many spend long hours trying to get that sun-kissed skin tone. However, this is not very healthy, as a tan is your skin trying to protect itself from extensive sun damage. Sunscreen will protect you from harm. This happens especially when you stay under […]

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Jacket Sunscreen

Jacket News, Skin Care, Sun Protection / 1.12.18

More Men Are Using Sunscreen Regularly

Years ago, it was quite normal for men to not really care about their skin. However, doing so is not just about appearances, as having a proper skin care regimen that incorporates the use of sunscreen can actually save their lives. The good thing is, it is more than acceptable for men to now pay […]

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jacket Susnreen - Ultimate sun protection

Industry, Jacket News, Product, Skin Care, Sun Protection / 12.29.17

How to Know Which Sunscreen is Best for Men

Simply put, Jacket is the best sunscreen for men on the market today. It’s developed by a highly experienced, board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Tom Balshi. No one is safe from the sun’s UV rays. Whether you’re male or female, you should protect your skin against too much exposure from UV rays. The best way to do […]

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jacket mens sunscreen

Skin Care, Sun Protection / 12.28.17

How to Choose the Right Sunscreen for Men

More than a decade ago, kids could experience great joy when they were outside playing under the sun. It is the sun’s energy that makes any outdoor activity more adventure-filled. But that is when the heat is tolerable enough for our skin. As the world’s ozone layer gets thinner dramatically, dermatologists started to advise wearing […]

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