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Men's Sunscreen / 6.6.19

Get hooked on JACKET the most important thing in your tackle box!

For those living in coastal communities, summer is a great time of year to get out on the water and wet a line. It’s also a great time for those in other areas of the country to plan a trip to the water — whether it be with family or some good buddies.


If you’re a local, you probably already have a pretty solid routine, but you’ll still spend countless hours gearing up, getting your set-ups ready, tracking bait and plotting coordinates.


If you’re planning a fishing trip, you’ll likely replace most of that stress with the task of researching destinations with strong fisheries and great action that also won’t sink your bank account.


We’ll try to ease your pain just a bit by sharing some of the world’s premiere saltwater fishing locations. Hopefully it’ll help get you started and simplify your search somewhat.


But, before we begin, we’d be failing you miserably if we didn’t remind you that the most important thing you should have in your tackle box this summer — and throughout the year — is JACKET men’s sunscreen.


We’ve shared this before, but JACKET is a men’s sunscreen company that was founded by a dermatologist in South Florida. As you can imagine many of Dr. Thomas Balshi’s patients are avid fishermen who spend tremendous amounts of time on the water. While there are certainly exceptions to the rule, it’s also safe to say that determining with of those anglers use proper sun protection and which do not is oftentimes not a difficult task.


As beautiful and essential as the sun is, it also has the ability to be dangerous to our skin and bodies. The ultraviolet rays it emits — both UVA and UVB — are harmful is many ways.


UVB rays are more impactful to the skin’s surface, and they are what causes sunburns and contribute to the development of skin cancer. So, not only can UVB rays result in great discomfort, they can also be deadly.


UVA rays, on the other hand, penetrate beneath the skin’s surface layer and cause premature aging. This presents most often as wrinkles and sun spots, as well as a “leathery” or “weathered” look.


Needless to say, the side effects of too much sun exposure are not all that exciting and we should all do anything and everything possible to help shield our skin and bodies from such danger.


That is precisely why Dr. Balshi created his special men’s sunscreen formula. As a doctor who specializes in skin care, he understands what is needed for optimal health, beauty and safety, and that is what you’ll find in each bottle of JACKET men’s sunscreen.


With a sun protection factor (SPF) of 50+, JACKET successfully blocks 98% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. It’s worth noting that dermatologists recommend that a men’s sunscreen with a minimum of 30 — which blocks 97% of UV rays — be worn during extended sun exposure. The recommended range is actually 30 to 50, as the protective benefit of any SPF above 50 is negligible. No men’s sunscreen has the ability to block 100% of ultraviolet rays.


JACKET is also a broad spectrum men’s sunscreen, which means it shields against both UVA and UVB rays. That means wearing JACKET will help you avoid sunburns, help reduce your risk of skin cancer and also help prevent premature aging. Not only that, but JACKET also has anti-aging properties that not only protect against premature aging but can also repair existing damage caused by previous exposure.


Another consideration Dr. Balshi had when creating his men’s sunscreen formula was using natural ingredients that would cause other harm to users’ skin or bodies. There are many toxic chemicals that are found in a variety of men’s sunscreen and skin care products on the market today, and while they may successfully help protect you from the sun, they may actually lead to other health problems that have the potential to be even worse.


So, whether fishing your home waters or hitting the road or taking to the air for a rod-bending fishing trip, don’t forget your JACKET!


And here, as promised, are three of the world’s hottest destinations for saltwater fishing action:


Central America


It’s no secret that Central America has become a mecca for anglers looking to catch some monster pelagics. Costa Rica has become incredibly popular among Americans looking to head south for some sun, fun and fishing, but there are other great spots down that way as well.


Although not quite as hyped here in the States, those looking for great mahi-mahi and billfish bites (among other species) are absolutely finding it in coastal towns in countries such as Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panama.


The fish are there and always ready for a fight, the water is beautiful, and prices are still extremely reasonable. But hey, you’re going to those lower latitudes which means lots of sunshine and heat. You’ll catch some monster fish down there, but you’ll also catch some nasty sunburns if you’re not prepared.




Want to know what the Florida fishery used to be like? Head down to the Marquesas Keys, a desolate island chain about 20 miles due west of Florida’s westernmost key — Cayo Hueso.


Set in the Gulf of Mexico not far from the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Marquesas offers some of the world’s best bottom fishing. Old-time Floridians can only fondly recall grouper and snapper numbers like you’ll find in Marquesas, and it was this type of action they made sportfishing in the Sunshine State such a dream for many so long ago.


Well, a trip to Marquesas is essentially a trip back in time, making it an incredible destination for fishermen from around the world, as well as Florida residents looking to recapture past glory.


Logistically, Marquesas can be a bit of a challenge, but if you can get to Key West (it has its own airport) then you should have no trouble finding a boat that’ll get you to this sportsman’s paradise.


Outer Banks


It may not be tropical, but North Carolina’s Outer Banks is stocked with fishing fun. Dolphin (mahi-mahi, not Flipper), tuna and blue marlin are just some of the sport fish you can expect to hook when launching from this strip of land that stands between the Atlantic Ocean and Carolina’s northeastern coast.


Traveling to the Outer Banks is far simpler than either Central America or Marquesas, and is fairly centrally located along the U.S. Atlantic Coast, so even driving is a legitimate option for many.


There is no shortage of charter boats and captains ready to give you the trip of your life. It can get a little sporty out there, though, so be sure to bring a little something for possible seasickness and, of course, DON’T FORGET YOUR JACKET!