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Men's Sunscreen / 4.19.19

Golfers have a thing for JACKETs!


The past week or so has been an exciting time for the sport of golf. We’re fresh on the heels of the Masters, one of the sport’s premier tournaments played at Augusta National Golf Club, one of the sports most prestigious courses.


For golfers, especially here in the U.S., Augusta National is the mecca. It’s safe to say that teeing it up on the exclusive 86-year-old track is every true golfer’s dream. Not only is the course kept in immaculate shape, but the history and tradition of Augusta National and the tournament it hosts annually is enough awe-inspiring.


Most will never have the opportunity to fulfill this fantasy, as Augusta National is among the most exclusive golf clubs in the world, and certainly in the U.S. Membership is extremely limited and is by invitation only. The club does not make its membership roster public, but most estimates claim it is around 300. And that list includes, for the most part, the most prominent and successful CEOs, executives and other highly-esteemed members of the corporate and financial communities.


And, up until 2012, it was a club only for men. That all changed with the admittance of Condoleeza Rice and Darla Moore. Rice was a former Provost at Stanford University and served as both U.S. National Security Advisor and Secretary of State under President George W. Bush. Moore is a highly successful businesswoman and philanthropist.


Six-time Masters champion Jack Nicklaus is also a member. In fact, he is the only living former Masters champion who can make that claim.


Yes, it seems that the entire country becomes a bit of a golf fan in early to mid-April, as anticipation builds for the first of the PGA Tour’s four majors. However, what we witnessed this year was truly spectacular.


Tiger Woods, the golf icon, captured his fifth career Green Jacket, a green sport coat that is awarded to the tournament’s winner each year. His five wins is second all-time to only Jack Nicklaus’ previously mentioned six, and it was Woods’ first Masters victory since 2005.


Those who follow the sport — or who have watched television or been on the internet over the past 10 years — are likely familiar with both the personal and professional issues that Tiger Woods has dealt with. Some of the issues were self-inflicted, caused by poor decision making, while others were health related, most notably a bad back.


Regardless, many argue that Tiger is the greatest golfer of all time. There was a time when very few argued against that. And it seemed as if it was inevitable — Tiger would surpass Jack Nicklaus’ 18 major championships (Tiger now has 15) and eclipse Sam Snead’s record 82 career wins (Tiger now has 81) — back then his life and game began to fall apart, resulting in an 11-year drought between major championships and going winless overall in 2010 and 2011, and again from 2014 to 2017.


Tiger did win a tournament in 2018, but his skills appeared greatly diminished, not at all resembling the dominant force he was earlier in his career, which began in 1996. He was inconsistent and, it seemed, incapable of competing at the sport’s highest level, certainly not for four consecutive days.


Then…it happened. The 2019 Masters Championship saw Tiger Woods turn back the page and restore that past glory. No, it wasn’t a 12-stroke clobbering like he enjoyed in 1997 (his first Masters championship), but it was a win nonetheless, on golf’s greatest stage.


It was a show of perseverance, and it served as a reminder that you can never question the heart of a lion…or a Tiger.


It’s all about the JACKET


That was a lot of golf, Augusta National and Masters talk, but there actually are a great deal of similarities between those and Jacket men’s sunscreen.


Let’s start with Augusta National. For nearly 80 years, it was a club for men. Well, Jacket men’s sunscreen is developed and formulated for men. Sure, women can use it, but it was created with men in mind. And, for the past seven years, women have been able to use Augusta National as well.


The makers of Jacket recognize that men and women are not the same, as they want different things out of their skincare products. That is true with men’s sunscreen as well, and Balshi Dermatology was adamant about delivering.


Men also play a lot of golf and, if they are wise, are applying men’s sunscreen before and during their rounds. PGA players certainly do.


And what do men want in a men’s sunscreen besides broad spectrum, UVA and UVB protection? Well, on the golf course, it’s important that the men’s sunscreen not be greasy. With limited access to water, the last thing a golfer wants is slippery hands — tough to grip and swing a club that way. Besides, it’s just uncomfortable, not only for your hands but all body parts on which it is applied.


Golfers don’t want to be burdened with the constant need to reapply their sunscreen. An average round of golf lasts about four hours, and it’s far more enjoyable if you’re not stopping frequently to lather up. Male golfers also prefer men’s sunscreens that aren’t overly fragrant.


Jacket men’s sunscreen checks all the boxes, which leads to the connection with the Masters Tournament. This is a tournament with a field comprised of the sport’s greatest male golfers. Competition is fierce and takes place outdoors, under the sun, in the elements. They do this with one goal in mind. They do this in pursuit of the most highly desired prize in the sport…the honor of wearing a (green) Jacket.


MEN! GOLFERS! We know you. We hear you. We have designed a men’s sunscreen specifically for you.


Full broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection with 50+ SPF. A non-fragrant, non-greasy formula that goes on smooth, that is water resistant for up to 80 minutes and does not require constant reapplication.


You want to be the best? Wear the best.


Before you head out for your next tee time, grab your JACKET!