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How Sunscreen Keeps You Younger Looking

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If you ever needed another reason to start a daily sunscreen regimen, you would be happy to know that it can do much more than just protect you from the deadly rays of the sun and from developing skin cancer. A new scientific study actually states that regular sunscreen application leads to a 24% decrease in skin aging.

Many people refused to believe their dermatologists when they say that direct exposure to UV rays can accelerate skin aging, but this research proves that it does delay or reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

The study, based in sunny Australia, showed that half of the 903 participants who used sunscreen daily and reapplied after getting wet (by swimming or even sweating) have decreased signs of skin aging, compared to the other half who did not religiously apply sunscreen. In the beginning of the study and 4 years later, silicone impressions were made and compared for the existence of lines and signs of coarseness of the skin. Those who have not used sunscreen have shown less firm skin, more wrinkles, and more age spots.

The study also pointed out some important takeaways on sunscreen use. First of all, even if you are no longer 20 years old, it is never too late to start your daily regimen. Even the middle-aged participants have shown improvements in their skin’s appearance, so this practice is something you can start at any time.

The Importance Of Pure Sunscreen Products

Second, it is vital to stick to pure sunscreen products. Nowadays, there are many creams and foundations that incorporate some sun protection, but they are not a viable replacement for the real thing. If you plan to spend more than just a couple of minutes outdoors, you should opt for a proper sunscreen with at least SPF 30. SPF 15 can already bring some benefits, as the study only used SPF 15, but for longer protection, you should opt for higher SPF such as Jacket Sunscreens SPF50+.

Third, broad-spectrum sunscreens should always be used, as they are sure to protect you against both UVA and UVB rays (UVA rays cause premature aging). The brand and the price is not as necessary because even the inexpensive ones are effective enough against skin damage and aging.

Thankfully, many products out there are no longer this oily, sticky cream you knew from years ago. Jacket products are perfectly fine for daily application, making it easier for you to reap all the benefits of sunscreen use. Beyond protecting your skin from damage that can lead to melanoma, you might also enjoy your youthful-looking skin much longer. SHOP JACKET NOW!