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Men's Sunscreen / 1.25.19

Men’s Sunscreen for Oily, Dry and Sensitive Skin

When choosing men’s sunscreen, choosing a versatile product that will benefit your skin – specifically in your face is vital. Greasy, sticky men’s sunscreen that doesn’t absorb rapidly is outdated – you can do better than that now. Why hoard a million different products when you can get multiple benefits in one product? Oily and dry skin can be difficult to care for on a normal day, let alone an active day spent in extremely high or low temperatures, exposed to the elements. In order to prevent your skin from drying out further or taking on an even oilier appearance, anyone should make sure to use a high-end product with a multitude of benefits for your skin. Dermatologist formulated men’s sunscreen and skin care products include carefully selected ingredients to complement both oily and dry skin while maintaining maximum protection from the UV rays.


Our skin produces an oil-like substance called Sebum in order to keep our skin soft, however, it is not uncommon for there to be an overproduction of sebum, causing an oily appearance. Many people suffer from oily skin, some to a more noticeable extent than others. The most frustrating side effects of oily skin are breakouts and blackheads. In combination with bacteria and dead skin cells, excessive oils can clog your pores and result in pimples and blackheads. In addition to the oils in your face, a product that does not absorb rapidly and mixes with bacteria, can increase the oily appearance and also result in more breakouts. When selecting a men’s sunscreen, choose a product like Jacket that absorbs fast and nourishes, in order to prevent excessive oiliness.


Dry skin is another problem many battle, and few can resolve. Especially when you are out in extremely hot or cold weather, skin can dry out further. When trying to care for your dry skin in the sun, a high-quality men’s sunscreen is recommended. High-end ingredients will nourish and moisturize dry skin, seal in existing moisture and further hydrate while using carefully selected ingredients that will not be harsh to sensitive, dry skin. A good sunscreen will prevent further irritation of your skin, and make all the difference in the world while offering a multitude of benefits. If you suffer from dry skin, it is especially vital for you to keep the UV rays away from drying out your skin and causing burns, always wear sunscreen and cover up as much as you can. Frequent reapplication is equally important in keeping your skin hydrated and protected and prevents cracking in your skin.


Dry skin can get a lot worse in different climates and weather conditions. Whether you are up in the mountains or on the beach, the weather can take a serious toll on your skin. In the snow, the cold temperatures and icy winds can dry out your skin and cause cracking – which can allow bacteria into your skin and result in breakouts. On the beach, or in hot temperatures in general – your skin can lose a lot of moisture and dry out in addition to already being dry in the first place. Especially when exposed to the sun, your skin should be moisturized continuously and protected from UV rays. UV rays can cause further damage to dry skin, and therefore sun protection should not be taken lightly.

Oily skin can also tend to become even oilier in winter climates. Your skin tries to overcompensate because it is dried out by cold temperatures and overly hot and dry indoor heated spaces. If you have oily skin in the winter, it is especially important to use a light men’s sunscreen product containing high-end ingredients and no harsh chemicals, apply generously frequently and protect as much skin with clothing. In hot-temperature summers, skin can appear oilier in combination with perspiration from your pores. Temperatures also affect the already existent oil on your skin and can intensify its appearance by changing its consistency in combination with the perspiration on your skin. Stay cool, lock in the moisture with a good men’s sunscreen to avoid more oil.


People with sensitive and mixed skin types need to be careful with harsh ingredients and fragrances. Using a men’s sunscreen with limited fragrances and carefully selected ingredients is crucial. When suffering from sensitive skin, be extremely cautious of what products you expose your skin to, as anything could seriously throw it out of balance and trigger breakouts, rashes and irritability. Always use dermatologist formulated products and protect yourself from the sun at all times. As with anything else you ingest or put on your skin every day, you should carefully select all ingredients you expose your body to, in particular when there is a sensitivity.

Jacket Sunscreen has dermatologist hand-selected ingredients and extracts that are beneficial for all skin types. It absorbs rapidly, so you don’t have to deal with greasy skin especially on your face. It is especially vital to protect oily and dry skin from the sun and the dangers of its rays. With Vitamin C, green tea, pomegranate, and cucumber extracts- Jacket reduces lines and wrinkles, redness and hydrates your skin while protecting it from the rays. The precious sunflower seed oil repairs different types of dry skin and previous sun damage. Sun protection is extremely significant when trying to maintain beautiful skin and control dryness or oiliness while improving hydration, anti-aging and staying toxin free. Instead of using dry or oily skin specific products every day and layering them, having one product that combines all specific skin care needs into one product is a lot easier. While being in the sun all day, your sensitive skin gets everything it needs. No shopping around for multiple products and layering for a variety of effects. Keep your skin in check, so you can look as good as you can, no oil, no excessive dry skin. Use Jacket Sunscreen with all skin types, and stay reassured that your skin will receive all the customized care and sun protection it craves.