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Men's Sunscreen, SPF 50 Sunscreen for Men, Sunscreen for Men / 12.10.18

Men’s Sunscreen – Winter Protection from the Sun

The harmful rays of the sun don’t discriminate between men and women. Everyone is affected. And while it is safe to assume that men have thicker skin than women, they are still pretty much vulnerable to the effects of overexposure to UV radiation. That is why both men and women need the best sunscreen. Unfortunately, majority of the sunscreen products in the market today are formulated for women. Perhaps because they are more vain when it comes to keeping the aesthetics of the skin. However, there are now an increasing number of men who also use sunscreen. So what’s the best men’s sunscreen for 2018?

Zeroing in on the best sunscreen for men for 2018 can be quite difficult since there is an increasing awareness of the need for sun protection by both men and women. However, there are several indicators of a good men’s sunscreen.

Sun protection is an absolute must whenever one talks about sunscreen. After all, what’s the use of putting on a sunscreen if it cannot protect you from the harshest rays of the sun? Furthermore, it should be able to provide you with that kind of protection for the longest time possible so you get to enjoy your outdoor activities without having to reapply the sunscreen every now and then.

No one loves getting interrupted especially when the game is on the line. Such are the men of today. When they’re out, they intend to finish the task no matter what. It would be a shame to call a timeout in the middle of the game just so you can reapply your sunscreen. Such breaks can really throw you out of momentum.

Good thing the Jacket Sunscreen offers the longest possible protection against both UVA and UVB radiation. This makes it one of the best men’s sunscreen for 2018 if not THE best.

Another indicator of a good sunscreen for men is its water-resistance. This is as important as the UV protection capabilities of the sunscreen. If the sunscreen is easily washed off by water, then one will have to reapply it more frequently. There is also a chance that, while there may still be sunscreen left on the skin, water would have already reduced its effectiveness as protection against UV radiation.

With Jacket, there’s no need to worry about the sunscreen from being washed off needlessly and reducing its effectiveness. Not even the sweat of a man with hyperhidrosis can dampen the efficiency of Jacket in protecting the skin against UV radiation with our sunscreen for men.

The best men’s sunscreen for 2018 should also come with safe and proven ingredients. This is quite tricky since one really does sometimes have to go for synthetics to achieve the results that one needs. Thankfully, the Jacket Sunscreen is especially formulated to include only the safest and proven effective natural ingredients to give the man of today maximum protection against UV rays without causing additional problems.

So what’s the best men’s sunscreen in 2018? Just remember the name. It’s Jacket Sunscreen. Many athletes don’t realize just how important sunscreen is, particularly during the winter.

They say that athletes are made of the toughest, most resilient, and most durable physiologic materials on the planet. Many have endured pain and aches just to see their goals come to fruition. Some suffer irreparable injuries yet they still manage to keep on pushing forward. That’s the spirit of the athlete. It’s the never-say-die attitude that gets them the glory. So even if the sun will be turning their skin into a red crisp, most athletes actually don’t mind. Or do they?

While it may be easy to see that outdoor athletes are made of the toughest stuff, they are still humans that have skin that’s highly vulnerable to the effects of the sun’s harmful rays. This is why it is equally important for outdoor athletes to use sunscreen for men whenever they venture out into the sun.

One of the reasons why there is an ever-increasing need for sunscreen is the fact that the ozone layer of the earth’s atmosphere is getting depleted every year. The ozone is able to block out 77% of the ultraviolet radiation coming from the sun. Sadly, because the ozone layer is already wearing thin, its UV protective capability is also reduced. This means there’s more UV rays reaching the face of the earth.

This is commensurate to the observed increase in the number of people developing cancer of the skin. And while outdoor athletes may seem invincible when it comes to their sports, they are still especially vulnerable to the cancer-causing effects of UV rays. They may say that they are strong and healthy that they are least likely to get cancer. But the sad truth is that cancer doesn’t necessarily have any preference. Even the seemingly healthy individual can develop cancer at any time, which is it’s important to use men’s sunscreen daily. 

And even if athletes don’t develop cancer, prolonged or chronic exposure to UV rays can hasten the development of skin discolorations and facial brown spots. Athletes have to take care of their image, too. And while their photographs can be easily edited to help hide the unsightly effects of UV exposure, real-life meetings and social interaction opportunities require athletes to come face to face with their adoring fans. If fans see that there’s a huge difference between what they see in person and what is depicted in ads or the media, then there’s a good chance that admiration can be affected.

Outdoor athletes also need to use sunscreen if they don’t want to look old. Athletes are the epitome of youth, vitality, endurance, and raw power. Unfortunately, chronic UV exposure can make a person look way older than his actual chronologic age. The sun’s rays can damage the individual cells of the skin producing fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin changes that are typically associated with aging. No athlete should ever look older than their age.

If one counts the number of reasons why outdoor athletes need sunscreen one would end up with a very long list. It doesn’t really matter what your reason is since the Jacket Sunscreen has you covered. Whether you’re an athlete, or just someone who has yet to incorporate sunscreen into their daily routine, Jacket has got you covered (literally). Many people don’t understand the importance or value of being protected even during the Winter months. It is for this reason we aim to educate consumers on the harmfulness of dangerous UV rays, even during the Winter. Take cover with Jacket – and don’t end up a statistic like so many who don’t use men’s sunscreen.

Even extreme athletes need coverage all year round – especially in the Winter. When it comes to discipline, very few can compare to that observed by the best athletes. Their determination to succeed and bring home the bacon can never be questioned. Nothing can deter them from achieving their goals, not even the harsh rays of the sun. That is why only the best sunblock can be used by highly-motivated, goal-oriented athletes. But just what constitutes the best sunblock for extreme athletes?

First, it needs to provide broad spectrum ultraviolet protection. Most sunscreens only protect the skin against either UV-A or UV-B rays, but not both. Ultraviolet-B rays have always been associated with sunburn and some forms of cancer while the traditional view of UV-A as being less harmful than UV-B has already been disputed. Today, UV-A has been shown to cause some forms of skin cancer, albeit indirectly. UV-A has been shown to produce a number of highly reactive chemical intermediates that can damage the DNA. UV-B, on the other hand, has a more direct effect on the DNA of cells. This causes the development of errors in DNA replication.

As such, extreme athletes require sunscreen for men that can protect them from the effects of both UV-A and UV-B rays. One can just imagine if the DNA of the cells of these athletes are affected, then their overall performance will also be affected.

Second, the best sunblock for extreme athletes should also have skin damage-repair properties. It is one thing for a sunblock to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. It is another matter to repair skin cells that are already damaged while nourishing the healthy ones. This is where natural antioxidants can be of immense help. These substances are ideal for neutralizing the activities of free radicals caused by oxidation reactions triggered by overexposure to the sun’s rays.

Third, extreme athletes require a sunblock that is water-resistant. Athletes sweat a lot. As such, it is imperative that the best sunblock for extreme athletes be able to retain its UV protection capabilities regardless of how profuse the perspiration of an athlete is. This is especially important in water-related activities. Extreme athletes need to know that they can rely on the effectiveness of the sunblock to keep on protecting them whenever they’re in the water.

Fourth, just because extreme athletes are tough doesn’t mean they can accommodate all kinds of synthetic substances in a sunblock for men. The best sunblock for extreme athletes should be effective, no doubt about that. But, it should also be safe. And when it comes to safety, only natural ingredients will do. This fundamental requirement is quite tricky when it comes to sunscreens and sunblocks, not to mention formulations especially intended for performance-driven extreme athletes. That is why such sunblock is called the best because it can provide exceptional UV protection using only the safest natural ingredients possible.

Thankfully, the world’s best extreme athletes do not have to look very far when searching for the best sunblock. The Jacket Sunscreen is simply waiting for them to apply onto their skin.