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Men's Sunscreen / 3.8.19

Men’s Sunscreen – Spray or Lotion?

Almost everybody is well aware of the fact that sun protection is important not only for the health of your skin but also for your overall well-being. Sun protection and sun-protective products should be an important part of your daily skin-care routine and used year round. Specifically, hen going out into the sun for an extended amount of time, or wearing limited clothing, such as being on the beach in a swimsuit. If you do not protect yourself from the sun, the sun can age you at an accelerated rate, cause you to have more freckles, hyperpigmentation and in the worst cases can trigger melanoma – or in other words skin cancer. With such a simple way to prevent it, at your disposal with just one click, why wouldn’t you take advantage of a preventative product that additionally offers a multitude of other benefits for your skin? When selecting the correct product, sun protective products can offer anti-aging, nourishing, hydrating and anti-oxidant benefits in addition to shielding your skin from the dangers of UV rays.

There are a multitude of products offering sun protective benefits – from lotions to sprays, sticks to gels and makeup. Many new products hit the market daily with new, exaggerated claims that are often misleading and inaccurate. So, between this wide array of products to choose from, which ones are actually the most effective in protecting you from the sun, and preventing negative side effect from it? Two sun protective products are the front-runners in popularity for sun-protection -Sunscreen lotion and Sunscreen Spray.

Sunscreen lotion is applied to all exposed areas of the body, and is visible during the application before it absorbs shortly after. It spreads easily and a little of the product goes a long way. Because of its formula, it goes on easily in application and it is easy to see where the product has been applied, and where it still needs to be. Because of its formula, men’s sunscreen lotion can contain many beneficial ingredients. Some ingredients that are included in products such as jacket have hydrating, anti-aging, nourishing and dark-spot reducing qualities. Since lotion is absorbed into your skin after application, it can be applied in a thick layer and absorbed later.

Sunscreen spray has been the subject of many debates regarding its effectiveness. Popular for its convenience and easy application – many claim the fine spray leaves a lot of room for application error and the density is not enough for sufficient sun protection. Furthermore, inhaling the aerosol sunscreen spray may have long-term negative effects on your lungs in specific and generally your overall health. The fine spray is difficult to apply properly, and it is even more difficult to determine which areas of your skin you have missed during application. In addition, any aerosol product is harmful to the environment and should be used only minimally with the effects it has on the earth in mind.

Arguably, men’s sunscreen lotion is a better choice in comparison to sunscreen in an aerosol spray form. There are fewer toxins inhaled, more areas of your skin safely protected by the sunscreen lotion and an easier way to determine whether the product has been applied correctly. However, many dermatologists believe that people who use spray sunscreen, use it out of convenience. Individuals who use spray sunscreen out of convenience, would not use a less convenient product such as a lotion, and therefore it is better to use a spray sunscreen and get some protection, rather than none. Generally spray sunscreen is only beneficial when inserted into this scenario and context.

When choosing a sunscreen product, what another way to ensure the quality of formula than for it to be formulated by a dermatologist. As with any other skincare product, or product applied to the skin, a custom formulated sun protection product is essential to maintaining a radiant and healthy skin complexion. It is never too early to start including ingredients beneficial for anti-aging in your skincare products, and never too late to start taking care of your skin with high-end ingredients. You wouldn’t think eating fast food is healthy every day, so why would skincare products filled with toxic ingredients be any different?

Lastly, let’s clear up some spray sunscreen myths. Its deemed to be more convenient, however for the product to function properly, your skin is supposed to be sprayed until your skin looks ‘wet’, and then it is supposed to be rubbed in. Spray sunscreen should never be sprayed directly in or around your face – instead, you are supposed to spray it in your palm and apply it with your hand. Furthermore, more than half of the product is lost in the wind. Lastly, it is unsafe to breathe in the ingredients in sunscreen and can have negative effects on your body when being inhaled. Now that you understand these myths, you should have a better understanding and preference regarding which men’s sunscreen product you want to purchase and use. Hopefully, this may empower you to make an educated decision.

All in all, men’s sunscreen lotion formulas are better for you and your environment in the grand scheme. However, individuals may have a wide variety of different preferences when it comes to sun protective products and their consistency. If you want to play it safe, you should consider choosing the safer option of the sunscreen lotion, that also provides additional benefits to you outside of SPF protection. If you are already using one product on your skin to protect yourself from the dangers of UV rays, why not enjoy a product that offers a wider range of benefits. Some of these additional benefits being anti-aging, hydrating, soothing and nourishing. With powerful, high-end, natural ingredients such as pomegranate, green tea and cucumber extract alongside sunflower seed oil, your skin will appreciate your choice in men’s sunscreen when choosing Jacket. Play it safe and choose effectiveness over convenience, health over laziness, and choose a men’s sunscreen like Jacket.