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Men's Sunscreen / 1.18.19

Men’s Sunscreen – Tips for Keeping it Cool Outdoors with Jacket

The words sun damage, sunburn and sunscreen all have one thing in common – the sun. When thinking of the sun and using men’s sunscreen, you might associate the beach, pool, and a tropical setting. When thinking about snow and winter sports, you would never think sunscreen, sun, and sunburn. However, in the snow, dangerous UV rays not only hit your skin at a higher elevation, but they are also reflected by the snow right back to you. This can expose you to the same dangerous rays twice, and therefore increase the risk of sunburns and sun-related skin damages. Think twice when hitting the slopes or going out in the snow without men’s sunscreen or sun protection. Pack a bottle of men’s sunscreen before leaving on your next winter destination vacation, as skiers and snowboarders are at a higher risk of suffering from severe skin damage.

Sun damage and sunspots are extremely visible and unwanted in your face. When out on the slopes for hours enjoying the snow, the cold winds can often conceal the heat and sting of a sunburn. This can leave the sunburn undetected until you get off the slopes and are suffering from the consequences, which could be as bad as a sunstroke. Sun damage can age your skin and cause discoloration, wrinkles and other signs of early aging. Protecting your skin and preventing early signs of aging is as easy as applying sunscreen every couple of hours, why not do it?

In addition to sun damage, the long exposure of your skin to cold air, especially in uncovered areas dries out your skin and can cause long-lasting damages that require extensive care and moisturizing to reverse. Have you ever come home from a day in the mountains with chapped lips, cracked, red and ashy skin. Jacket Sunscreen not only protects your skin from dangerous UV rays in winters but also keeps it moisturized, nourished and protected from any other weather forces. Men’s Sunscreen does not discriminate, use it on your lips, ears and other sensitive exposed areas that usually do not receive enough sun-protection. With tons of powerful natural ingredients, Jacket even includes select few with anti-aging benefits and reverses previous sun damage.  

Usually it is recommended that sunscreen should be reapplied every couple of hours. Because of the higher altitude and levels of reflected UV rays in combination with snow and high winds, when engaging in winter sports, sunscreen should be reapplied more frequently, as it wears off quicker. Areas that are exposed to the weather and not covered in ski-gear should receive extra attention. These areas should have extra amount of product applied, and even areas such as lips, ears and the neck should not be left out. Apply it on the lift or stop mid-slope at a restaurant, no matter where make sure you fit sunscreen application into your busy day in the mountains.

Cloudy day in the mountains with tons of snow? This might be deceiving and trick you into thinking you are safe from dangerous UV rays when in reality you are anything but that. UV rays have the ability to penetrate clouds and 80% of rays are still present when it is snowing and cloudy, before being reflected by snow. So don’t let the weather fool you – those UV rays are still out to get you through the clouds.

Because of the long, active hours out on the slopes, a higher SPF is a better choice for winter sports when looking for sufficient protection. With an SPF of 50, Jacket Sunscreen is a smart choice for long-lasting UV protection, not just because of the higher sun protection level but also its many other features and benefits.

During your vacation in the mountains, skin care and men’s sunscreen is not only essential on the slopes or while engaging in winter sports, but also anytime you are outside. UV rays in combination with snow are not only a danger on the slopes but also present on a stroll through town, at lunch outside or at day time apres-ski. Make sure you fit a bottle in your pocket!

In the snow and high altitudes don’t just worry about your own skin, worry about your kid’s skin too. UVA and UVB rays are strongest during the timeframe between 11 am to 3 pm, and especially during these times, sunscreen should be essential when taking your children outside. Children’s skin is generally fairer and can be more sensitive to sunlight and susceptible to sunburns. Sunscreen should be applied generously every couple of hours, especially in the snow where you are exposed to double the number of UV rays. Protect your kid’s skin from the dangers of the sun and its consequences.

Overall Men’s Sunscreen should not only be used on the beach, in the water or at the pool, counterintuitively it is most important in the snow and at high altitudes. There are so many benefits a well-formulated men’s sunscreen such as Jacket has to offer, it would be silly not to use it. Especially when risking serious conditions such as skin cancer, dark spots, and skin damage – the correct preventative measures should be taken. Since the non-sticky formula with nourishing anti-aging ingredients is versatile to use in all settings requiring sun-protection, there is no need to buy multiple products. Men’s sunscreen can be your solution for sun protection anywhere and in any climate.

What other facts and recommendations could you possibly need to protect your skin from now on? Hitting the slopes carefree and not having to worry about getting sunburned, drying out your skin while also keeping your skin youthful- how much more convenient can it get? Most winter sports are already tough on your joints, don’t let the slopes run down your skin too. You should not return back to the office after a winter vacation with a sunburn and dry skin, just because you didn’t use some men’s sunscreen. Keep it cool in the winter, man.