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Men's Sunscreen, SPF 50 Sunscreen for Men, Sunscreen for Men / 10.15.18

Men’s Sunscreen to Protect Against Skin Cancer – Jacket Sunscreen

According to the environmental working group, men are much more likely to be diagnosed with melanoma, and additionally, are more likely to die from it. Now more than ever, men need  sunblock they can wear daily that doesn’t weigh down their skin, feel greasy, or wear off. Having a sunscreen for men that’s lightweight is key. Jacket Sunscreen for men is not only airy, it’s got natural ingredients that essentially reverse the aging process. If you’re going to make the smart decision to wear a sunblock everyday, invest in something that’s beneficial in more ways than one. Developed by industry leading dermatologist Dr. Balshi of South Florida Dermatology, Jacket has a proprietary, nourishing and natural combination of ingredients that are designed to work in more ways than one; the most important – to protect from the sun. The additional benefits; anti aging, age reversing and replenishing of the skin.

So, enough about the benefits – why wear sunscreen everyday? The alarmist approach for many men’s sunscreen companies is to say that if you don’t, you’ll get skin cancer. This simply isn’t the case. The majority of skin cancer cases are derived from unprotected sun exposure. That being said, exposure to the sun would be needed in order to be at a significant risk for skin cancer. Jacket sunscreen for men is suggested for those living in a tropical environment, whose daily, active lifestyle puts them at a higher risk for the type of sun exposure that’s responsible for creating high risk cases when it comes to getting skin cancer. The outdoors, while a great opportunity for a diverse number of sports and wellness activities, is also a playground for the type of sun exposure that can be harmful to men’s health. Jacket is great for those whose sun exposure is limited to vacations and spontaneous outings, however, it was developed with the outdoor man in mind. Which brings us back to benefits (I know, I know, we said we were done with those – but how could we be!?).

mens sunscreen

Everyday use of Jacket Sunscreen is not just key to protecting against the harmful rays of the sun – it’s part of its main use case. Meaning, everyday use was top of mind when hand selecting the restorative ingredients of the sunscreen. As its primary use is to protect, it’s secondary benefits are that when used everyday it reverses signs of age, nourishes the skin, and reverses prior sun damage. Hence the name; Jacket. Don’t leave home without it. The nourishing antioxidants and extracts were curated after thoughtful research – vitamin c, green tea and other healing and regenerative properties are blended together perfectly to give men protection against sun, aging, drying, greasing and the common woes of wearing a basic sunscreen for men – oily, greasy, heavy mixtures that leave your skin feeling the opposite of how it should feel. After applying Jacket, your skin feels refreshed, and the ingredients begin to work immediately – through the water! That’s right – it won’t wash off at the first brush of an ocean wave. This is not common with other lightweight sun “protectants”.

mens sunscreen

With skin cancer on the rise, in part do to the increased levels of heat penetrating the globe, it’s more important now than ever to make putting on your “Jacket” a part of your daily routine, particularly if you live in a tropical or otherwise warm climate area that’s got a higher exposure to daily UV rays than the rest of the world. Some of these places include, but are not limited to:

Laredo, El Paso, Brownsville & San Antonio Texas, in that order, have the highest prevalence of skin cancer in the United States. Basically, if you live in Texas, you should NEVER leave home without your Jacket. These four cities are the top four culprits of skin cancer prevalence and other Texas cities don’t fall far down on the list. Other top cities include Jersey City, NJ – Memphis, TN – Newark, NJ – Washington, DC – New York, NY – Houston, TX – St. Paul, MN – Garland, TX – Austin, TX – Stockton, CA – Fresno, CA – Hialeah, FL – Dallas, TX – Irving, CA – Detroit, MI – Glendale, CA – Los Angeles, CA, Honolulu, HI.

You can see the complete list here and check if your city ranks amongst the highest ranking in skin cancer occurrences. Prevention is key if you live for or in the outdoors.

Having a daily regimen that includes sun protection is crucial, so why not use a sunscreen that adds even more benefits to that habit? The lasting benefits of vitamin C extract and green tea extract, two of the main ingredients in Jacket, include but are not limited to:

The prevention of UV induced photo-damage

Aging reversal

Collagen boosting

Fading dark spots

Neutralizing free radicals

Reduction of facial wrinkles

All day skin protection from UV rays

Skin cancer protection

These ingredients come together to make Jacket sunscreen lightweight, effective and an essential part of your daily routine. Before suiting up and shipping out to conquer your outdoor adventures, be sure to have a sun protectant that you can trust. That starts with placing your first Jacket, men’s sunscreen order today. Don’t wait, because the adventure definitely won’t.