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Men's Sunscreen / 1.11.19

Men’s Sunscreen Treats and Prevents Sun Exposure Effects

Treatment and prevention, two important reasons to use mens sunscreen, one product. Not only can a good men’s sunscreen protect you from all the future damages of the sun, but also heal your skin and offer additional benefits. Sunspots, freckles and uneven discoloration are all potential side effects of the sun. When using the correct men’s sunscreen, all of these skin issues can be avoided. In addition, any dry or damaged skin can be revitalized by the natural ingredients and extracts in sunscreen, depending on the product. Jacket Sunscreen protects as well as prevents with high-end ingredients that offer extensive protection while at the same time offering hydrating, nourishing and anti-aging benefits. Do you have noticeable lines and wrinkles on your face? Jacket helps reduce the visibility of these after application.

Sunscreen works by blocking harmful UV rays as well as absorbing them through chemical and physical particles within the formula of the sunscreen. Not only does it create a barrier that is difficult for the sun to penetrate, but it also offers extra protection by absorbing harmful UV rays. With this double protection, no dangerous UV rays have a chance, and your skin is thoroughly protected throughout the day. Sunscreen hydrates and nourishes your skin and with that provides additional benefits on top of sun protection.

Men’s sunscreen fully protects for about 2 hours, and should be reapplied every time you cool off in the water, or perspire excessively. It is recommended that regardless of activity, sunscreen should be reapplied every 2-3 hours. If reapplied consistently it will offer maximum protection all day. Because of the high-end ingredients in men’s sunscreen, it additionally offers anti-aging benefits and reverses previous sun damage such as sunspots. If you forgot to protect yourself from the rays yesterday, your Jacket can nourish your dry and burned skin, reduce redness and puffy eyes and reduce wrinkle depth, even the day after. Even though Jacket can help with sun damage afterward, prevention is the smarter option.

Jacket prevents wrinkles, skin irritation, redness, burns, puffy eyes and being nicknamed ‘lobster’ for the rest of the week. With its many amazing ingredients, come many benefits. The Sunflower oil hydrates, soothes and repairs, while Vitamin C reverses any hyperpigmentation from previous sun damage and wrinkle appearance. Cucumber and pomegranate extract hydrates the skin and restores the skin with moisture. Green Tea protects from the sun and acts as a strong antioxidant. Alpha Arbutin further reverses sun damage. All of these ingredients in combination, hand selected by a dermatologist, provide your skin with well-rounded care and maximum protection.

Sun protection is vital when trying to maintain beautiful skin along with hydration, anti-aging and staying toxin free. Instead of using multiple products a day and layering them, having one product that combines all skin care needs into one product is a lot easier. While being in the sun all day, your skin gets everything it needs. No shopping around for multiple products and layering of them for a broad spectrum of effects. Unless you wear a lot of makeup – then it is always a good idea to apply men’s sunscreen before your makeup, for an extra layer of protection.

Anyone should protect themselves with men’s sunscreen, babies 6 months and older all the way up to retirement. Protecting yourself from UV rays should be a part of your routine at any age. Especially as you get older, the elastin in your skin reduces and makes wrinkles and lines more visible. Furthermore, the ability of your skin to repair itself reduces drastically, making it more difficult for the skin to regenerate after sun damage. In order to treat and prevent effectively, the sufficient amount of product should be applied. Most people neglect to use enough of the sunscreen to achieve the advertised level of SPF. When applying men’s sunscreen, re-apply generously every two hours. If you are at the beach or outside exposed to the sunlight continuously, it is recommended to use a quarter of a bottle throughout the span of the day.

Whether you live in a sunny state or country, deal with rain, clouds and snow every day, men’s sunscreen usage is crucial for everyone. Even when you cannot feel the effects of the UV rays, they are always beaming down on you, affecting your skin. That being said, men’s sunscreen should be worn even when it is cloudy out, and especially in the snow. Snow can reflect UV rays back on your skin and increase the risks of sun-related skin damage. Sunburns stemming from sun exposure in the snow are called snow burns. Sunburns often can be painful and visible, yet sun-related skin damage often is not visible or painful until it escalates into a more serious issue. Most sun-related skin damage and burns occur in your face, on your shoulders, chest, knees, and feet. These areas are most often exposed to the sun and also burn the worst.

Overall, men’s sunscreen is a very important element in a daily skin care regimen. Preventing as well as treating sun damage can have different benefits, but is equally as important. Especially when spending a lot of time outdoors, whether working or engaging in leisurely activities, exposure to UV rays increases. Potential health risks from sun exposure should encourage the consistent use of men’s sunscreen. Sunscreen is safe to apply daily, especially sunscreen products in the US, as the US currently has 17 approved chemicals, in comparison to the EU and Australia, which have 28-34 approved chemicals. Beautiful and flawless skin is on the rise and more important than ever. Protect your skin and have fun in the sun without worrying about the consequences. The future you and your future skin will love you for thinking long term and protecting your skin from the sun.