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Men's Sunscreen / 2.22.19

Men’s Sunscreen – Which one Is Best in the Winter?

Winter, snow and cold temperatures might not be the most closely associated with the sun and its potentially dangerous side-effects. Contrary to popular belief, winter temperatures, UV reflective layers of snow and other winter elements are very damaging to the skin, and sunburns are a common result of spending the day on the slopes engaging in winter sports. Where snow is present, your skin can be exposed to double the number of UV rays, as they not only touch your skin once, but multiple times after reflecting off the layers of snow. Which leads to the question which men’s sunscreen product will protect your skin and fulfill all its needs to a maximum extent. Which product will not only block all harmful rays from your skin but also benefit it in other ways. What ingredients and benefits to your skin should you be on the lookout for when looking for an all-around men’s sunscreen that can not only protect you on the beach but also on the slopes – in cold temperatures and snow.

When exposing your skin to the dry, cold temperatures that come hand in hand with snow and winter sports, keeping your skin hydrated is a must. The cold temperatures, which may even be gushing past your face at high velocities when skiing or snowboarding, rob your skin of all its moisture until it is ashy, cracked and dry. Because of this, it is important to get an all in one product that can not only do its job repelling the UV rays but also maintain the regular hydration levels of your skin. Dry, cracked skin can be an entry point for bacteria and with that be a potential additional danger or source of skin irritation and even cause scarring. When choosing your men’s sunscreen product, consider a product with naturally nourishing ingredients that can keep your skin soft, healthy and hydrated, through any elements.

Preventing wrinkles and reducing the number of fine lines, specifically in your face is a great benefit for an everyday topical skin product. When trying to achieve age reversing and anti-aging effects, persistence is key. Using a product routinely usually will be the only way to achieve long term effects. Layering multiple products can clog your pores and cause breakouts, therefore using a men’s sunscreen that can benefit your skin in many ways is beneficial to your complexion, and using one less product isn’t too bad either.

No matter what weather, season or product- natural, high-end ingredients should be one of your main considerations when choosing any kind of product. Low-quality products are always a horrible choice, as they can cause skin issues and irritations, as well as worse side effects. Over a prolonged time, the use of bad ingredients on your skin could even take a toll on your body, as these ingredients absorb into your skin. Always be sure to use a product with high-end ingredients such as Jacket men’s sunscreen, where you can rest assured you are getting the best protection and the ingredients most beneficial to your skin. Treat your skin as you treat the rest of your body.

When you think water resistant, you might think the pool, ocean, and watersports. Counterintuitively, using a water-resistant sunscreen is just as important in the cold winter months, especially when engaging in winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, or frolicking in the snow dressed in thick winter jackets. All these can cause you to perspire, and your UV protection to wear off faster. Plus, who knows, you might enjoy a dip in the hot tub after a cold day on the slopes, and especially then a water-resistant product will come in handy. There is no reason not to purchase a water-resistant product, especially when there is not a single reason not to. It will keep your men’s sunscreen where it is supposed to be for an extended amount of time. Regardless of how water-resistant a product is, men’s sunscreen should always be reapplied every 2-3 hours in order to ensure it is working correctly and protecting you from all the UV rays it is supposed to.

Not only is it important to use the correct skincare products in the summer, but of course, also the winter. Using a carefully formulated sunscreen for daily use is extremely important. What better quality indicator than it being formulated by a dermatologist. Especially if you have dry or oily skin, using a men’s sunscreen that contains carefully selected high-end ingredients is especially important in order not to increase the oiliness or dryness of your skin. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and it would be foolish not to take care of it like you should any other organ in your body. Negative effects from the sun and UV rays are long lasting and could have worse consequences than you think. It is easy to prevent skin cancer with a little bit of sunscreen every day, why not do it? If you could prevent any other type of cancer with a simple preventative measure such as a topical lotion, wouldn’t you? It’s as easy as can be.

All in all, it is important to take all the above mentioned into consideration when choosing the sunscreen for your winter UV ray protection. Winter might not seem like the primary time to use men’s sunscreen, but it is actually one of the most important times to stay protected, and make sure you don’t get burned on the slopes, or hanging out in the snow. While you are using a product that protects your skin from the sun, make sure it also offers other benefits and does not clog your pores and cause breakouts. Most importantly – choose a dermatologist formulated product that only uses high-end ingredients. A sunscreen formulated by an experienced dermatologist such as Jacket men’s sunscreen is one of the best and high-end products on the market. Choose the products you expose your skin to wisely and don’t ever compromise