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Men's Sunscreen / 2.15.19

Men’s Sunscreen – Which Product Do Dermatologists Recommend?

As with any other product you apply to your skin, the quality of sunscreen is extremely important for the health of your skin. Low quality ingredients and the wrong formulas can cause skin irritation, breakouts, rashes and other uncomfortable side effects, that can be easily prevented by using the correct product. Men’s sunscreen should be applied to as much of your skin as possible, especially the area most exposed to UV rays. Counterintuitively, UV rays are present every day, in snow, rain and of course – sunshine. This makes applying sunscreen an essential step in your daily skincare routine, and an essential product to keep on hand at all times. Because sunscreen is one of the main contributors of the health of your skin, selecting the correct one is highly important. Dermatologist formulated sunscreens are the smartest choice when making a sunscreen purchase.

With different types of products on the market, two main product types to decide between when making your men’s sunscreen purchase are sprays and lotions. While sprays may seem more convenient for application, they often leave large areas of skin exposed to dangerous UV rays where the spray application is spotty. In addition, sprays apply only a thin layer that wears off rapidly, especially during physical activities or in the water.

Dermatologists recommend a water resistant product in order to prolong UV ray protection. The ocean and pool are not the only reasons to wear water resistant products, perspiration can also wear off your men’s sunscreen and reduce the effectiveness of it. So if you don’t like swimming or water activities, it is still a smart choice for you to use a water resistant product so you don’t sweat off your sun protection while tanning.

Dermatologists recommend additional skin care and preventative measures in order to maintain the youth of your skin. On top of sun protection, a product that includes anti-aging properties and ingredients can be an additional benefit and consideration when choosing your men’s sunscreen. Ingredients such as Vitamin C reduce the depth of your wrinkles and can refresh your skin while consecutively protecting it from further damage and aging.

Sunshine, extremely high or low temperatures, cold winds and salt water are some of the elements that can dry your skin out. While protecting from UV rays, it is essential to also moisturize your skin after it is dehydrated by the sun, and potentially salt water.

When applying a product to your skin every day, it is essential to make sure the ingredients are beneficial for your skin. Low quality ingredients can have a negative impact on your skin and trigger imperfections on your skin. Allergies and skin reactions often are the direct consequence of low quality ingredients, therefore it is imperative to use a product that contains high quality ingredients. Dermatologists recommend products formulated by a professional with carefully selected ingredients. Jacket sunscreen was formulated by Dr. Thomas Bashi, with careful consideration of a multitude of benefits for your skin.

An additional aspect dermatologists urge to keep in mind, is the expiration date of your sunscreen. An expired sunscreen does not offer the same SPF protection, and its ingredients may not be effective any longer. Using the correct SPF is vital and it is important to the effectiveness of your sunscreen, therefor losing SPF with expiration makes its use less efficient, and potentially pointless. In order to maintain the quality and SPF of your sunscreen, your product should be stored in a cool, dry place. If your men’s sunscreen is directly exposed to the sunlight for a prolonged time, or stored in hot temperatures, it can cause the product to expire sooner than its expiration date. If you take all these considerations in and properly store your sunscreen and dispose of any leftovers after the expiration date, you should have the exact sun protective factor as advertised on the packaging of the product.

A product approved by dermatologists should furthermore be formulated to include a wide variety of ingredients to benefit your skin. Multiple high-end active ingredients in combination can offer an all around better appearance and health of your skin. Specifically in addition to a medium to high sun protective factor. Protecting your skin from the sun alone would be a waste, why wouldn’t you choose a product that offers other benefits for your skin?

Dermatologists furthermore recommend to apply correctly and frequently in order to maximize the benefits. Sunscreen should be applied every 2-3 hours, more frequently when you are in the water and perspiring more. Sunscreen should be applied generously and evenly on every part of your skin which is not covered by clothing. If you are using a spray product, do not spray in windy conditions. In addition, do not neglect areas you may not think of at first, such as the back of your knees, armpits, lips and the soles of your feet. The correct application of men’s sunscreen should not be taken lightly, and should be memorized in order to maintain healthy skin.

To sum it up, there are a multitude of factors and ingredients dermatologists consider when approving of a product and recommending their patients to use it. Jacket sunscreen was created by a dermatologist himself, and because of that takes all your skins needs into consideration. Not only does it protect you from dangerous UV rays, but it also takes care of your other skin needs. With its hydrating and anti-aging effects, it is the perfect men’s sunscreen to use every day, and for active days. Got burned yesterday? Jacket contains natural ingredients that will reduce redness and soothe your skin after a sunburn. No matter what your skin needs are, an all around men’s sunscreen product like Jacket has got you covered. No matter what weather, activity or temperature, make sure you stay protected and keep your skin in shape. Wear your Jacket Sunscreen wherever you go, and make sure you stay safe in the rays.