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Men's Sunscreen / 3.1.19

Men’s Sunscreen – Why Men Should Be Wearing Sunscreen Every Day

When it comes to sunscreen – men are far behind women. Statistically, more women use sunscreen than men, on a daily and regular basis. Which is strange, considering there are no differences in UVA and UVB sensitivity in men’s and women’s skin. This information leads us to conclude that men are somewhat behind when it comes to preventative skin care. Why don’t men use a daily sunscreen to the same extent as women? Most sunscreen products on the market are targeted towards women, and it is difficult to find products that feel inclusive to men and their skin needs. All of this is concerning because men should be wearing equally as much sunscreen as everyone else, and should include it in their daily skin care routine.

The primary reason why men should wear men’s sunscreen every day is the obvious – protection from dangerous UVA and UVB rays. Sun damage of the skin does not discriminate. Both women and men can suffer from long term sun damage equally and can be just as sensitive to the UVA and UVB rays. The longer you stay unprotected while exposed to the sun, the more long term damage you are causing to your skin. Protection in the sun is straightforward, however, there are more scenarios in which men should be protected from the sun.

We all know most men love the outdoors, and enjoy spending time outside. Especially when outside and exposed to UVA and UVB rays, sun protection is extremely important. Temporary side effects of sun exposure are sunburns, however, the long term potential side effects can be extremely concerning. Long term side effects cause discoloration of the skin, abnormalities and in severe cases or with sensitive skin- melanoma. On a regular day, sunscreen should be applied every couple of hours in order to maintain a base layer of protection against sun rays. However, on a day spent outside, regardless of the weather, men’s sunscreen should be used religiously without a doubt.

Not just outside, but specifically when active, men should include men’s sunscreen into their daily skin care regimen. When outdoors being active, perspiration on the skin can wash away sunscreen at a rapid speed, and with that decrease its effectiveness. Therefore, sunscreen should be applied regularly every couple of hours generously. When in the water or engaging in water activities, the same concept applies but due to different circumstances. When engaging in water activities such as swimming, diving surfing and more, men’s sunscreen gets washed away at an increased rate and sun protection can quickly diminish. In addition, the sun reflected off of the water will reflect double as many UV rays onto your skin and therefore increase your possibility of a burn by two. Not just the water, but also the snow can be a danger to sun protection products such as men’s sunscreen. Not only do most people perspire at an increased rate when packed in thick winter clothing and transitioning from heavily heated spaces to cold outdoor temperature, but the snow also reflects double the UV rays off the reflective surface of the snow. When engaging in winter sports such as snowboarding or skiing, at a higher altitude the UV rays are more intense and can have an increased effect on your skin. On top of the sun damage, cold temperatures, as well as dry heat, can rob your skin of all its moisture. Therefore it is vital for men to use a quality sunscreen with high-end ingredients that will keep their skin moisturized, and prevent it from cracking and bacteria entering through the cracks. All in all, men should be using sunscreen in their daily skin care regimen each and every day without a doubt.

Not only when they are active, but in general and habitually, men should be applying sunscreen daily. Many men develop hyperpigmentation spots later in life and also start to see other consequences of their lack of sunscreen use later in life. In order to protect from the somewhat silent dangers of the sun and prevent consequences later in life, the men’s sunscreen of your choice should include high-end ingredients. Men’s sunscreen should be formulated by someone who knows what they are doing, such as a dermatologist. The formula should include only hand-selected ingredients that each feature a specific benefit.

Men with different skin types should be especially conscious of the ingredients they expose their skin to. Choosing a daily men’s sunscreen product that doubles as a moisturizer and offers other benefits such as anti-aging is the ideal all-around product for daily use. Men’s sunscreen should be used preventatively on a daily basis by every man, no matter which race or skin type. Our skin is the biggest organ of our body and we need to take care of it like it is. Jacket men’s sunscreen can be used on any skin type and is especially beneficial for individuals with dry skin, oily skin or sun sensitive skin.

All in all men’s sunscreen should be essential in every man’s daily routine. The sun and its UV rays are by far more dangerous than most expect, and present in more weather and temperatures. In addition, if the correct product is selected, the benefits can go way beyond UV protection. A quality men’s sunscreen product worthy of using on a daily basis also has anti-aging qualities that also reduce fine lines. Men should use men’s sunscreen routinely in order to fill in the small lines, protect from hyperpigmentation and also nourish the skin with all necessary vitamins. Preventing skin conditions is easy beforehand, and one can stay healthy with just a couple of steps each day, why wouldn’t you prevent dangerous skin conditions if it is as simple as using a daily sunscreen. After all, what man would not want to be complimented for immaculate, hydrated and healthy skin. Make sure you apply sunscreen daily, and inform all the men in your life of the consequences of not using men’s sunscreen. Healthy is beautiful and beautiful is healthy.