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Men's Sunscreen / 5.23.19

Packing for your summer getaway? Don’t forget your Jacket!

It’s heating up out there. The school year is drawing to a close, and it’s time for that long-awaited, much-appreciated and greatly-deserved tropical getaway.


Summer is vacation season, which means the mercury is spiking and you need to get near the water. It’s time to go south…whether it be the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America or maybe even halfway around the world to the Pacific — wherever your happy place may be.


The flights are booked. The hotel rooms are reserved. Now it’s time to pack and get the party underway. Bathing suits, flip-flops, t-shirts, shades, tank-tops and shorts…check, check, check, check, check and check!


Ready to go, right? Wrong!


A wise tropical traveler knows that the first thing you need to throw in that suitcase or duffel bag is your Jacket.


Inspired by those who fly close to the sun, Jacket men’s sunscreen was designed to go with you everywhere. And that damn sure includes the hot spot you’re about to hit up.


Jacket’s non-greasy formula serves as a second layer of skin that protects you from the sun’s harsh rays and sticks with you no matter how hot, sweaty, wet and dirty you get.


Jacket offers broad spectrum protection, meaning it shields you from both UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays.


UVB rays are the ones that will burn your skin, leaving you red, miserable and, oftentimes, holed up in your hotel room for the duration of your vacation after a little too much exposure on day ONE! They are also the ultraVIOLENT rays that are known to cause skin cancer.


UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin, causing damage beneath the surface that leads to premature aging.


Jacket not only helps block rays that contribute to premature aging, but it is infused with natural antioxidants and extracts like green tea and Vitamin C that actually help repair your skin’s existing sun damage.


When you are out in the sun, ultraviolet rays create damaging free radicals that hurt the DNA in your skin cells. The host of antioxidants in Jacket men’s sunscreen help prevent free radical damage and is designed to lighten and fade sun spots (age spots) caused by the sun.


For maximum protection, dermatologists recommend wearing suncreen with a minimum sun protection factor (SPF) of 30, which blocks 97% of harmful UV rays, and a maximum SPF of 50, which blocks 98%. FYI, no men’s sunscreen can block 100% of the sun’s rays, no matter how high the SPF is.


Jacket men’s sunscreen has an SPF of 50 and was actually created by a dermatologist. How’s THAT for maximum protection?!?!


Ok, so the takeaway is pack your Jacket for your next getaway!


Now we just need to decide where to go. Let’s take a look at five destinations that are just too hot to pass up this summer!


We’ll take you there now if we can!



Let’s start close to home and work our way out. Set just 50 miles off Florida’s east coast, the island chain is relatively easy to get to by plane, boat or cruise ship, and is home to some of the world’s best fishing and boating and men’s sunscreen related activities.


Depending on which island you visit, this Atlantic paradise offers everything from touristy resort havens to desolate settings where, if you close your eyes, you just may feel like the last man or woman in the world, and without men’s sunscreen, that wouldn’t be safe.


So whether you’re looking to party or relax…going solo or taking the family…flying or cruising…The Bahamas has it. Just don’t forget your Jacket men’s sunscreen.



Along the northeastern tip of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula lies the town of Playa del Carmen. Just south of the famed resort town of Cancun, Playa del Carmen boasts some of the country’s most beautiful beaches and plenty of culture.


Cancún is a little more cliché and, with very affordable airfare from the U.S., tends to draw a younger and bit rowdier crowd than its neighbor to the north.


Pristine views, remarkable dining and a vibrant nightlife make Playa del Carmen an experience you won’t soon forget. For water lovers — and if you’ve opted to visit a coastal resort town, this likely includes you — the snorkeling, diving, fishing and other aquatic activities are spectacular.


For those who also want to play in sandTRAPS, Playa del Carmen is home to some magnificent golf courses.


Whether swimming or swinging, don’t FOREget your Jacket!


Costa Rica

There’s no point listing specific towns here because, as the old saying goes, this place has something for everybody. The country’s Pacific coast is laced with towns that truly offer some of the world’s best fishing, diving and surfing. Towns such as Tamarindo, among others, also feature amazing adventure activities such as zip-lining, hiking and incredible sightseeing opportunities.


Once a mysterious destination well down south of the border, Costa Rica has become an incredibly popular vacation destination for Americans, and is as beloved for its R&R (rest and relaxation) as it is for its A&A (action and adventure), dont forget your men’s sunscreen.


So, whether you’re chasing fun in the sun or swinging through the Costa Rican rainforests, don’t forget your Jacket. Pura Vida!



This Indonesian island is a dream vacation destination for many people. That’s probably because it’s beauty seems straight out of a dream and too good to be true.


The best word to describe this magical place is “tranquil.” Its flawless beaches lead visitors into the calm waters of the Indian Ocean, just to the west of the Pacific. The Indonesian people tend to be calm and spiritual, and those vibes are impossible to ignore once you set foot in Bali.


The island is also known for its relaxing spas and, a bit inland from the beaches, rolling hills. You have undoubtedly seen images of Bali on posters or in movies and assumes they were computer generated or Photoshopped. It’s an honest mistake and easy to understand, but the truth is…Bali is very much real.


You can close your eyes and imagine it, or you can hop on a bird and check it out for yourself. Just don’t forget your Jacket!


  1. BARTS

Down in the Caribbean, well east of Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, and just south of Anguilla, lies the tropical paradise known as St. Barts. The island’s gorgeous beaches and breathtaking views draw visitors from around the world.


Waterfront tiki huts and private villas allow you to truly enjoy paradise. St. Bart’s also spectacular shopping and dining opportunities. Always remember to bring your men’s sunscreen.


We could have picked any number of places for this list, but any list without St. Barts would have zero credibility.


So, if the mood hits you and you have the means, St. Barts is waiting. Enjoy your summer in the sun. Just don’t forget your Jacket!