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Men's Sunscreen / 4.12.19

Sunscreen for All Your Outdoor Activities

It’s heating up…grab your jacket!

There’s a line you’ve likely never heard.

But, yes, there is finally a Jacket you can wear year-round. No matter the season, this Jacket will leave you feeling great, being comfortable, and staying safe.

A SPF 50+ sunscreen created by the team at Balshi Dermatology, this broad spectrum formula is non-greasy, goes on smooth, and is water resistant up to 80 minutes. We don’t want to turn this into 1,000 words about the many benefits of Jacket and the importance of protecting your skin — you can check our website for that — but we do want to point out that as summer approaches, the temperatures spike and people tend to spend a lot of time outdoors and on the water. In other words, the peak of sunburn season is getting closer.

Unfortunately, we can’t force you not to be careless and reckless with your skin and health, but we can do our best to provide education and reminders that will, hopefully, get you on the right track.

So…remember…what do you wear when it’s sunny and hot? A Jacket, of course!

Let’s take a quick look at three activities you may be doing in the coming months that absolutely should involve wearing men’s sunscreen.

Going to the beach

Ok, so this belongs in the NO BRAINER category, but you’d be amazed by how many people apparently, uhhh, have no brains. Sure, there are a select few individuals who were born with the gift of effortlessly developing a perfect, golden tan. They can go in the sun for hours and hours and look incredible.

There are a couple things worth pointing out here. First, and most importantly, just because they are not showing the obvious effects of the sun doesn’t mean long-term damage is not occurring. So, yes, they may look flawless now, but give it time. Chances are, it will catch up with them at some point.

Secondly, and don’t forget this…those men and women are very much the exception; not the norm! Yes, there are some who were blessed with skin that tan, without going through the dangers, pain and unsightliness of sunburns.

Anyway, chances are, if and when you go to the beach, you wear men’s sunscreen. However, if you’re one of the remaining holdouts, consider this a friendly reminder that you’re doing far more harm than good. So, grab your Jacket!


This is not nearly as fun as a day at the beach, and for some reason, that lack of excitement also leads a good number of people to know apply men’s sunscreen before spending a few hours working outside the house. Somehow, men’s sunscreen seems to become associated with enjoyable activities. Big mistake!

Sure, slapping on a hat while mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, raking leaves…whatever the activities may be…is better than, say, NOT wearing a hat, but it certainly doesn’t provide the level of protection required for an extended period of time under the sun.

Actually, that too, is a common mistake. You can just as easily get sunburned or cause damage to your skin on cloudy and overcast days as you can on those gorgeous bright-blue-sky days. Just because you can’t necessarily see the sun doesn’t mean it can’t see you.

Ok, getting back on track now. If you’re going to be outdoors for a while, a hat is a good start. But that’s all it is. It may shield your forehead and some of the upper portions of your face, but it’s still not giving you 100% protection. There’s also the impact of the sun’s rays reflecting off the ground, water, tools, etc. and back to your face.

So, even if you’re wearing a hat during you’re not-so-thrilling day of yardwork, you should also apply men’s sunscreen to your face, as well as your ears, neck and upper back, as those are not covered by a hat. Even if you are wearing larger hats with 360-degree brims, they do not block all of the sun’s harmful rays. To be smart and safe, wear a hat that gives you as much coverage as possible, but still apply men’s sunscreen to your face, neck and ears.

Also be sure to apply men’s sunscreen to your arms and legs. Even if you wear long sleeves and pants, believe it or not, they do not provide full protection from the sun. The sun’s rays can penetrate your clothing, so putting men’s sunscreen on even if you are covered is not a bad idea. Again, it certainly can’t hurt you, but it absolutely can help you. So, grab your Jacket!


The fishing apparel industry has taken huge strides in recent years, creating new lines and styles of clothing and accessories that not only look cool, but that are designed to enhance sun safety. While it’s wonderful that these options now exist — and anglers appear to be buying them in record numbers — don’t lose sight of the fact that these items are to be used in conjunction with — not instead of — men’s sunscreen.

Chances are, if you’re going fishing, especially offshore, you’ll be on the water for several hours. This means the sun will be beating down on you for several hours, even if you try your best to seek shelter under a Bimini top or overhang.

Again, the sun is reflective, especially off of water. So the longer you stay out there with a line in the water, the more those rays bounce off the surface of the water and onto the surface of…you! This is incredibly harmful to your skin, especially when exposed to such conditions rather frequently. And, if you’re an avid fisherman, that will be the case.

So, by all means, buy and wear all the protective gear you can, but that does not eliminate the need to apply men’s sunscreen. They are both tools in the toolbox — use them both. Be sure to use a men’s sunscreen that is water resistant as well, so it will minimize the need for frequent reapplications due to splashing water or sweat.

So…going fishing? Grab your Jacket!