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Men's Sunscreen, SPF 50 Sunscreen for Men, Sunscreen for Men / 12.14.18

Sunscreen for Men in the Winter

Winter is coming, but don’t let your guard down. Protecting your skin is just as important in the snow as it is in the sand. Follow these simple tips to keep your skin healthy and safe from the sun so it stays looking fresh until next summer.

5 Top Tips For Maximum Skin Protection

1. Cover up that skin.

Chances are you’re going to be wearing many more layers as the weather gets cooler anyways, but the same sun protection rules apply. Long sleeves, proper headgear, and 100% UV protection sunglasses can do wonders for blocking out harmful rays.

2. Be prepared.

It might be cloudy now, but who knows when the sun’s going to want to come out and party? Don’t get caught off guard due to overcast weather and a lack of brightness early on in the day. Bring your favorite cap and a bottle of JACKET for the road to ensure you’re always ready for that sunshine.

3. Use SPF on the slopes.

Planning on skiing or snowboarding? Don’t forget your goggles, your helmet, and of course, your JACKET. Broad spectrum sunscreen is just as important on the mountainside as it is at the beach. The high altitude along with UV rays reflected by the snow can increase the risk of sun damage. Jacket is sunscreen for men, built to last.

4. Don’t sweat it.

That new parka can keep you warm and styling, but it can also make you sweat. More layers during the winter can mean a higher body temperature which can lead to some additional perspiration. Be sure to reapply sunscreen throughout the day and use waterproof JACKET for extra coverage.

5. Look out for your lips.

The winds can be howling during the wintertime, especially when you’re hauling ass down a black diamond or digging ice axes into the side of a glacier. Throw some SPF 30+ lip balm on before you head out. You’ll thank yourself when you’re by the fireside later.

Have fun exploring and conquering that winter wonderland, but remember— it’s bright out there. Don’t forget your JACKET.

This is where an excellent sunscreen product like Jacket Sunscreen can help.

To be effective in helping reduce the incidence or risk of skin cancer in men, a sunscreen should have the following characteristics:

  • It should be broad-spectrum – Given the fact that not only UV-B can cause skin cancer but also UV-A, it is important to get a sunscreen that helps shield the skin against both the more superficial radiation of UV-B and the deeper, more penetrating prowess of UV-A. In the past, it was already considered excellent if a sunscreen has UV-B protection. But, since UV-A has also been implicated in skin cancer development, a sunscreen that has both anti-UV-A and anti-UV-B properties are a must.
  • It should have at least an SPF of 50 – It is a lot easier to look for the best protection against UV-B rays. You simply have to look at its SPF rating and you will already have an idea whether it will protect you for a significantly long period of time. Unfortunately, this is not the case for UV-A as it penetrates deeper and doesn’t result in sunburn. As such, you need to check the ingredients and look for zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, or any other proven substance.
  • It should be specially formulated for men’s skin type – Make sure to get only a sunscreen that’s specially formulated for the skin of men. A sunscreen that’s been formulated by a Board-certified dermatologist should give you peace of mind.

Sunscreen for men helps reduce skin cancer risk in men by shielding the skin against UV-A and UV-B radiation. It thus, becomes crucial that you know how to choose best one for you.

Causes of Men’s Skin Cancer

Skin cancer can be brought about by a variety of factors, prolonged and unprotected exposure to the sun’s UV-A and UV-B being just one of them. What happens is that the cells of the skin undergo structural and morphological changes that, if left unchecked, will lead to the formation of an entirely different cell. That is why they call it ‘neo’-plastic since the process forms a totally different kind of cell. Over time, this neoplasm further differentiates until it grows and grows to form cancer that we are all familiar with.

How does UV light factor into all these?

Well, it is a well-established fact that UV-B can cause a variety of changes in the cells of the superficial layers of the skin. This type of UV radiation is best known for causing sunburn. However, more recent studies now confirm that even the lesser-known UV-A radiation can also increase one’s susceptibility to skin cancer. And the reason is quite simple. While UV-B only affects the superficial layers of the skin owing to its relatively shorter wavelengths, UV-A has been shown to penetrate deep into the dermis where other tissues like blood vessels, nerve endings, and exocrine structures are located. Now we know that both UV-A and UV-B can contribute to the development of skin cancer.

Although sunscreens were marketed solely on females, modern men started using these products because of obvious reasons. With skin cancer affecting anyone regardless of gender, guys are being more practical before skin issues appear by using sunscreen for men. Before buying sunscreen, it is important to know the right product for your specific needs. More than a decade ago, kids could experience great joy when they were outside playing under the sun. It is the sun’s energy that makes any outdoor activity more adventure-filled. But that is when the heat is tolerable enough for our skin. As the world’s ozone layer gets thinner dramatically, dermatologists started to advise wearing extra protection against the extreme heat. That’s when sunscreens and sunblocks came to life as an extra layer of defense for people who expose themselves at peak times of the day.

Below are key factors to keep in mind before choosing a brand of sunscreen. It will largely help you if you want to nourish your skin’s natural supple texture.

1. Active ingredients
Ingredients contained inside a sunscreen lotion should withstand against the harmful ultraviolet rays A and B. Clearly, these elements should be able to add a layer of defense in order to deflect the sun’s rays. Among the effective ingredients against UV rays are as follows: oxybenzone, titanium dioxide, ecamsule, sulisobenzone, avobenzone, and zinc oxide. Most cheap sunscreens contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which can absorb and reflect heat. For men who mostly have an outdoor lifestyle, a combination of two to five of the said elements could provide long-lasting protection for many hours.

2. SPF rating
The sun protection factor (SPF) rating measures how effective a sunscreen is in protecting your skin against the ultraviolet rays. To compute for the time enough to expose yourself under the light of the sun, multiply the time you normally contact the sun’s heat by the SPF rating. It signals you how much time before you start to feel the prickly heat.

For slight sun exposure, SPF 15 is applicable to majority of people as it blocks about 94% of UV radiation. If you will be experiencing extended hours under the sun, it is recommended to buy a sunscreen with an SPF of 50 or higher. Jacket Sunscreen is SPF50+!. Jacket is sunscreen for men that is tough.

3. Multi-spectrum coverage
It is important to select sunscreens that will cover both ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) for over-all protection against sunburns and aging. Normally, sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher should absorb UVA and UVB and provide an impenetrable layer on the skin.

4. Moisturizing effect
UVA and UVB are commonly known to cause the skin to become dry and discolored. This may also be the case for men with sensitive skin. Commercial sunscreens ought to solve this problem by including natural minerals such as oils and lanolin in the product. It adds moisture to strengthen the skin and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. These elements are user-friendly and less irritating to the skin so they may come in handy for men who would like to moisturize.

Obviously not all sunscreens for men are applicable to every man. The active and rigorous lifestyle of men calls for a special sunscreen to protect their skins against the extreme heat. As an upcoming regimen for man’s ritual, sunscreens should best fit based on a particular need. Save yourself of skin discomfort and pick Jacket Sunscreen.