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Can Tattoos Cause Skin Cancer?

Tattoos are so common nowadays that this questions is asked more often than not.  Dermatologists have long been researching patients with tattoos to see if there is a connection between tattoos and skin cancer.  For those of us with tattoos, there is no need for panic—ink does not give you skin cancer.  There has been long standing research conducted on this question, and decades of results have indicated that there is no direct link between types of skin cancer and tattoos.

Tattoos cause skin cancer?

What Does Cause Skin Cancer?

As with most other types of cancer, genetics are a major factor behind the cause of skin cancer.  The bottom line is: you are more likely to develop skin cancer if it runs in your family.  Although tattoos do not cause skin cancer, this doesn’t mean you should skip the sunscreen.  Protecting your skin against the sun’s harmful rays will aid in the prevention of skin cancer in the future.

It almost goes without saying that if you have developed any type of skin cancer previously, then you are at risk for developing it in the future.  This is why sunscreen is so important when it comes to the prevention skin cancer, for those who have had skin cancer before as well as anyone with a risk of developing it.

Skin Cancer: What to Look For

Tattoos and Skin Cancer Correlation-Jacket SunscreenThe most important thing to look for to detect signs of skin cancer is the changing of moles.  When cancer is present or developing, moles will change in shape and color.  See a dermatologist if you believe that one of your moles is showing signs of change.  Early detection is key to curing skin cancer, even the deadlier types.

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Skin Cancer

-Sunscreen is crucial for preventing skin cancer, as we cannot all avoid being out in the sun.  Wear sunscreen with a high SPF, even if it is a cloudy day, and most importantly, sunscreen will help you avoid getting burned, which can greatly increase your chance of getting skin cancer. Jacket with SPF50+ is BEST for your skin.

-Don’t use any tanning oils, these will increase your chance of being burned or getting too much exposure of the sun’s harmful rays.

-Wear protective, lightweight clothing if you are going to be in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

-If you are considering getting a tattoo, make sure to avoid covering up any moles, as this could delay the detection of skin cancer.

-Check your body for changing moles, the earlier you can determine if a mole is changing, the better chance you have in defeating cancer.

Skin cancer, in all reality, can really only be avoided with thorough protection.  This may mean avoiding spending too much time in direct sun during particularly hot days, but sometimes, we don’t have a choice.  For these moments, sunscreen provides the essential protection your skin needs to defend itself against skin cancers like melanoma.  Use JACKET sunscreen even if you aren’t going to be outdoors for very long, because even the slightest exposure of harmful UV rays can increase your chance of skin cancer. SHOP NOW for your Jacket Sunscreen.