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Men's Sunscreen / 5.16.19

The Social Aspect of Men’s Sunscreen

Although our blogs are typically written in an attempt to educate readers (hopefully it’s working) about men’s sunscreen, such as the benefits of using it, the dangers of NOT using it, common ingredients, the history of it, and so on and so on…we’re going to switch it up a bit this week.


As a men’s sunscreen company, Jacket’s primary focus is to inform consumers about not only  men’s sunscreen, but the advantages of using OUR men’s sunscreen. Designed by a dermatologist, we happen to believe that our product checks all the boxes and is the best on the market.


It uses safe and natural ingredients. It is a broad spectrum men’s sunscreen, meaning it protects against both UVA and UVB rays; it has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 50+, which puts it at the top end of the doctor-recommended range of 30 to 50; it is water resistant up to 80 minutes; it has anti-aging properties; and it features a smooth formula that won’t leave you looking or feeling greasy once applied.


We’re tempted to just drop the mic and walk off now, as there’s really nothing more to say.


But we won’t.


So, yes, we exist to educate and then provide that allows you to put that education to use and protect yourself. That is also why we write these blogs. We are so consumed with getting the word out, not only about our product, but about the importance of sun protection, so we decided to scour social media to see how well the hashtag #sunscreen is trending.


This is not a Jacket social media campaign and we never asked anybody to use #sunscreen, so we take no credit — or blame — for what might be out there. However, we are curious as to what’s being said. Hopefully the message is resonating.


We gave our team one hour to go through various social media platforms, primarily Instagram and Twitter, and report back their favorite uses of #sunscreen. Some are just comments, while others are questions — which we will answer.


Hopefully this will prove somewhat educational, and also a bit entertaining…we all certainly need that as well.


Here’s what our team came up with:


gregorie_styles   @StylesGrgorie May 14

It’s summer prep time beauty babes! #sunscreen


JACKET SAYS: We concur. Protecting your skin is not only healthy, but allows you to look your best. Defending against premature aging and other sun damage, include burned skin, is a beautiful thing.


Newark, NY Weather   @NewarkWx May 15

The UV index has risen to 7! It’s currently partly cloudy and 65 degrees outside. #ProtectYourSkin #sunscreen


JACKET SAYS: YES! Most people only apply men’s sunscreen on clear, sunny days. Just because you may not see the sun clearly doesn’t mean it can’t see you. It does, and it will cause damage to your skin. Unfortunately, they learn the hard way. Don’t make the same mistake.


VDH LiveWell   @VDHLiveWell May 16

Do your part to prevent melanoma! When outside use a sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher. #sunscreen #CancerPrevention #MelanomaAwarenessMonth


JACKET SAYS: Great advice, although dermatologists — including our very own founder, Dr. Thomas Balshi — recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 to 50. Something is better than nothing, but for maximum protection, trust the docs…and wear your Jacket.


Daire   @DaireShaw April 23

Annual request: A sunscreen that isn’t super oily and won’t burn the shite out of my very sensitive eyes. Help a Celtic ghost. #sunscreen


JACKET SAYS: Daire, we got you covered! Jacket’s formula is non-greasy, so it goes on smooth and won’t look or feel oily. Also, while we don’t recommend getting any sunscreen in your eyes, we are confident in saying that Jacket won’t burn the shite out of them should some seep in there. Jacket is a proud supporter of Celtic ghosts seeking sensible sun exposure.


EcoWatch   @EcoWatch May 11

#FDA Study: #Sunscreen Chemicals Seep Into the Bloodstream


JACKET SAYS: While you shouldn’t believe everything you read, you should actually be as informed as possible and do some research. That doesn’t only apply to sunscreen use, by the way. It is definitely important to know what you’re putting in and on your body. Using a sunscreen that uses natural ingredients, such as Jacket, is certainly a safer and smarter alternative to others that use harmful toxins. #DoYourHomework


Michelle   @LabMuffin May 15

People say you can’t live without love. I think sunscreen is more important. Luckily, I love sunscreen. #sunscreen #spf #spfeveryday


JACKET SAYS: Who doesn’t love love?!?! Thanks for your advocacy, Michelle. We love you!


Optimized Health Plans  @Optimized_HP May 14

Do you always put #sunscreen on your eyelids? Protecting this ultra sensitive area of skin is important. #skincancer


JACKET SAYS: There are no safe zones or hiding spots when it comes to your skin and ultraviolet rays. The sun will find every bit of skin that is exposed, and it can and will cause damage. Apply sunscreen liberally and consistently. Be sure to reapply. Also, for added protection, wear sunglasses to protect your eyelids and surrounding area.


SAMIA   SamiaBySamia May 14

#Sunscreen: The best anti-aging product. SUNSCREEN IS YOUR BEST FRIEND WHEN IT COMES TO ANTI-AGING.


JACKET SAYS: That may be a bold statement, but it is definitely true that men’s sunscreens that provide UVA protection do help prevent premature aging such as wrinkles, sun spots and weathered appearance. Jacket is a broad spectrum men’s sunscreen, which means it protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Jacket not only helps protect against premature aging, but it actually repairs previous and existing skin damage caused by the sun.


MsMedicine  @MsMedicine May 11

You always hear about the importance of men’s sunscreen, but you may not know that 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by age 70. With #skincancer, there’s one thing you can do every day to help prevent it: Apply #sunscreen. The health of your skin depends on you – protect it.


JACKET SAYS: We were going to write a closing paragraph that, again, reminded readers about the many reasons why wearing men’s sunscreen is important, but Ms. Medicine said it perfectly.


Be smart. Be safe. Wear men’s sunscreen. Don’t forget your JACKET.