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Why Skin Cancer Is Deadly

How Skin Cancer Creeps Up and May Kill You…

Skin cancer - Jacket SunscreenSkin cancer can happen to any one of us.  The main cause behind skin cancer is exposure to ultraviolet radiation, or UV rays, but for people with skin cancer running in their family, chances of developing skin cancer can be higher.

Melanoma is one of the deadliest and dangerous forms of skin cancer, causing the deaths of about 9,700 people each year.  Its development begins when skin cells are irreparably damaged by ultraviolet radiation, which can give way for the formation of malignant tumors. These mutations in the skin come from the pigment-producing layer.

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How it Kills: The Progressing Stages of Skin Cancer

The way in which skin cancer is often lethal is classified into the different stages of how it spreads.  The higher the stage, the more the cancer has spread into other parts of your body.  Stage II melanoma brings about the formation of larger tumors and their fatality lies in the nearby lymph nodes of your body.  Lymph nodes are host to the production of white blood cells, and when hindered by the progressive stages of melanoma, can deeply affect the operation and functionality of your immune system.

Beyond Stage II of melanoma is when cancer can turn fatal.  After the malignant tumors have infiltrated your lymph nodes, there is a high risk of the melanoma spreading further into the lymphatic vessels.  These vessels travel to throughout your body’s internal system and because of this, the cancer has a greater potential of affecting other organs.  Stage III tumors are those that appear in other places aside from the original site.

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Stage IV consists of the melanoma officially moving on from the original site of the primary malignant tumor and developing its presence elsewhere, like in your internal organs such as the most common place, in the lungs.  Your body will further incur damage to the tissue and the following areas: liver, brain, bones, and intestines.

Stop Skin Cancer Before it Stops You

Skin cancer can be easily detected, and once it is discovered, can be cured in its early stages.

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There are plenty of ways to prevent and detect skin cancer, and the steps for prevention are simple and require relatively no work.

Use sunscreen: this is the greatest weapon of defense against skin cancer.  We all go outside and we all are exposed to the dangerous UV rays, and sunscreen acts as a layer of protection against any potential damage done by these rays.

-Check your skin: know your skin and examine the moles on your body.  If they are changing in shape or color, then consult your dermatologist immediately.

Avoid tanning beds: baking directly underneath harmful UV rays is incredibly harmful to your skin.  Avoid using tanning beds, as they are a surefire way to develop skin cancer.

By enacting these methods of prevention, you can prevent your skin from developing one of the deadliest cancers, melanoma.  By knowing your skin and using JACKET SUNSCREEN in appropriate settings, you can easily avoid developing types of skin cancer.